Fascinating new ethnography of British-Pakistani transnationals in London

Yet more fascinating reading to be found on the sociolinguistics research site ‘Language-on-the-Move’:

In ‘Home is where I’m alienated’, Ingrid Piller reports on a new ethnographic study (Qureshi 2012) of British-Pakistani transnationals in London which finds that, contrary to the popular image of the ‘modern transnational’, many of these Pakistani men who came to Britain during the post-war manufacturing boom are now left aged, unemployed and in ill health, unable to return to Pakistan and dependent on an often unsympathetic system: ‘the legal-medical apparatus through which they continually have to prove their disability and ill-health in order to be entitled to benefits while simultaneously finding that the same system has been slow to attend to their medical needs and has often exacerbated their condition through long waiting times or malpractice.’

QURESHI, KAVERI (2012). Pakistani labour migration and masculinity: industrial working life, the body and transnationalism Global networks DOI: 10.1111/j.1471-0374.2012.00362.x

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