“Regional varieties, language shift and linguistic identities” – international conference at Aston

This week (12-15 September, 2012) Aston University will host the international linguistics conference “Regional varieties, language shift and linguistic identities”.

The conference organising committee is headed by Dr Urszula Clark (Reader in English, Co-Director of InterLanD) and Prof Gertrud Reershemius (Professor in German Linguistics, Associate Dean for Research LSS) on behalf of Aston Centre for Interdisciplinary Research into Language and Diversity (InterLanD) and Institute for the Study of Language and Society (ISLS), two research centres located within the School of Languages and Social Sciences alongside CLERA.

The keynote speakers are Prof. Joan Beal, University of Sheffield, Prof. Barbara Johnstone, Carnegie Mellon University (USA), and Prof. Yaron Matras, University of Manchester.

Focussing on the individual speaker and the speech community which is created by the use of language(s) as social practice, the conference includes papers and posters on the following fields of research:

• Language contact between a lesser used regional variety and a dominant standard language.
• Identity and regional varieties;
• Indexicality and enregisterment;
• Variation and style;
• Postvernacular linguistic and cultural practices;
• Emblematic language use and language mixing;
• Lesser used regional varieties and the Internet;
• Regional varieties and linguistic landscapes;
• New approaches to dialectology.

To learn more about this event, go to the conference website, where you will find a full programme.

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