Useful book on English grammar from a foreign language learner’s point of view

Teaching the grammar of a foreign language can be a tricky business, especially since learners may, on occasion, have a rather tentative grasp of their first language’s grammar.

A colleague at Aston recommends the following resource for supporting learners of French whose first language is English in their study of French grammar:

‘My Mom is a teacher of French in the US, and she was telling me about how good this book was for teaching English/American students about French grammar, via the explanation of English grammar concepts. For example, how to get from an English structure to an equivalent French structure, grammar explained as it relates to English but anticipating concepts necessary for French etc.’

For more information, click here.

The book is also available for learners of German and Spanish.

In fact, the German version was recommended to a German tutor at Aston by one of her students, an indication that other students might also find it helpful.

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