Professional development programme from Network for Languages

Network for Languages London have presented their programme timetable for Autumn 2012, offering professional development courses for primary and secondary language teachers. They run events throughout the year and offer bespoke training at schools.

Their autumn programme includes:

Thursday, 18 October, 10-4pm: Terrific teaching, long lasting learning at A-level – practical and creative strategies for different languages and topic areas

Wednesday, 24 October, 10-4pm: Talking Target Language: Developing spontaneity in the classroom – practical ideas for using the target language French in primary classrooms

Tuesday, 6 November, 4-6pm: Differentiation revisited: How to facilitate personalized learning at Key Stages 3 and 4 – meeting learner needs in ability sets or mixed ability classes through personalised learning

Tuesday, 13 November, 10-4pm: Accelerating language learning using phonics – what is meant by phonics and the sound-spelling link, phonics resources and ideas for use in class

Thursday, 15 November, 10-4pm: Leading Primary Languages – preparing for the government’s plan to introduce languages as a compulsary part of the primary curriculum at Key Stage 2

To view the whole programme and for more information, go to

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