News about the Extensive Reading Foundation (ERF)

ERF logoWhat is the Extensive Reading Foundation?
The Extensive Reading Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable organization whose purpose is to support and promote extensive reading. One Foundation initiative is the annual Language Learner Literature Award for the best new works in English. Another is maintaining a bibliography of research on extensive reading. The Foundation is also interested in helping educational institutions set up extensive reading programs through grants that fund the purchase of books and other reading material.
The Second World Congress of Extensive Reading
The 2nd Extensive Reading World Congress will be held at Yonsei University, Seoul from September 14th & 15th, 2013.  The congress is being hosted by the Korean English Extensive Reading Association (KEERA).  The call for papers opened on December 1, 2012.  Click on the link – – to find out more.
The 2012 Language Learner Literature Award winners
Want to find some new and award winning books for extensive reading?  The winners of the 9th annual Language Learner Literature Awards were announced in October this year.  Five awards were presented in five different categories.  The 2012 awards are for books that were published in 2011.  To find out more about the awards, go to
The Extensive Reading Foundation You Tube Channel
The Extensive Reading Foundation has a You Tube Channel!  Check out Professor Richard Day talking about the benefits of extensive reading, as well as  Professor Bill Grabe’s plenary at the First ER World Congress.  You’ll find these talks and more at
New resources for teachers on Extensive Reading
The Guide to Extensive Reading is now available  to download for free in English, Japanese, and Chinese.  Go to  The guide looks at important questions such as how to plan and set up an extensive reading programme and how to select books. 
See also Dr. Rob Waring’s new article entitled, ‘Why ER should be an indispensable part of all language programs’.  To read the article, go to

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