Using twitter to engage with students: Tweetchat about the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Social Media increasingly gain ground as useful tools in education. They can be especially effective to open MFL classrooms up to the wider world by allowing students to engage with native speakers for language practice, or to research specialised cultural, historical or social fields of knowledge through access to experts.

TweetChatClaudia Gremler, Lecturer in German at Aston University, recently engaged in a tweet chat about the effects of the Fall of the Berlin Wall with A2 students from Tile Hill Wood School in Coventy. (You can follow their exchange on Storify.)

This allowed students to practice their German in a relaxed, undaunting
environment where exchanges were limited to 140 signs and gave them the
opportunity to ask questions and exchange views with an expert in the field. The
teacher who organised the chat, Bertram Richter (MFL Curriculum Leader at Tile
Hill Wood), gave a presentation about Twitter in the MFL classroom at #ILILC3, the ICT and Languages Conference in Southampton 2013, citing this chat as a successful example.


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