Current issue: Reading in a Foreign Language (RFL)


The April 2013 issue (Volume 25, Number 1) of the electronic journal Reading in
a Foreign Language (RFL) is now online and can be read at

This issue begins as a special issue, “Reading in Less Commonly Taught Languages”, edited by Neil J. Anderson of Brigham Young University. In the first article, Shen and Jiang provide valuable insights into reading fluency of Chinese characters, focusing their research on word segmentation accuracy and comprehension. The second
article in this special issue focuses on the value of phonics instruction in learning to read in Italian by Cihon, Morford, Stephens, Morrison, Shrontz, and Kelly, in which the authors provide information from three studies they conducted to illustrate the value of developing decoding skills in learning to read Italian.

In addition, there are two articles in our regular research section. Junko Yamashita examines word recognition and passage level reading. Ryoko de Burgh-Hirabe and Anne Feryok discuss a model for extensive reading motivation in the Japanese as a foreign language setting. We also have a review by Nancy Meredith of Mastering Academic Reading.

RFL is a scholarly, refereed journal published on the World Wide Web by the University of Hawai`i, with Richard R. Day and Thom Hudson as the co-editors and Anne Burns, Director of CLERA at Aston University, as the reviews editor.

The journal is sponsored by the National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC), the University of Hawai‘i College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature, and the University of Hawai‘i Department of Second Language Studies. The journal is a fully-refereed journal with an editorial board of scholars in the field of foreign and second language reading. There is no subscription fee to readers of the journal. It is published
twice a year, in April and October. Detailed information about Reading in a Foreign Language can be found at

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