Successful Twilight Webinar on Teaching Speaking in the Language Classroom

CLERA held its first ever webinar on 23rd October. The webinar was run by Anne Burns who is Professor of Language Education and Director of CLERA.

The session focussed on teaching speaking in the language classroom. It looked at the key skills and knowledge required for competent speaking and also considered how they could be taught. Professor Burns presented the attendees with a teaching model for planning speaking programs and illustrated the model with sample activities that could be used in speaking classrooms. The session also considered how well textbook materials met the challenges of teaching speaking.

MFL, ESOL and EFL teachers as well as Research students from different parts of the world actively participated in the online discussion and shared good practice. One participant in Japan even stayed up until midnight to join the event.

Many thanks go to Professor Anne Burns and to the participants for making this webinar such a great success.

If you are interested in attending a webinar, please contact Jacquie Harding with suggestions.

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