Survey: Investigating MFL teachers’ engagement with research

Colleagues from the University of York are investigating MFL teachers’ engagement with research and would like YOUR input:

Help needed!
What are your perceptions of research?
Have you ever used it? Would you like to? 

A group of researchers and teachers at the University of York are trying to find out about language teachers’ views about research and evidence, and about any engagement they have with research.

Please spare 15 minutes to complete the survey.

We are interested in knowing about the kinds of research activities that teachers engage in – such as reading about research online, in newsletters or in journals, hearing about it at workshops or conferences, or doing it yourself.  We’d also like to know what kind of evidence teachers consider to be important, for example, what tells teachers that something done in the classroom was effective? What kinds of problems do you think research might address? What informs the way we assess learning?

Please circulate the survey link as widely as possible!  The more responses we have, the more we can say about how engagement could be improved between research and teachers.

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