Deutsch International! at Aston University

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Wednesday 19th March 2014 was Deutsch International! This was the final in a series of Routes into Languages cultural events in collaboration with Network for Languages and the Centre for Language Education Research at Aston University (CLERA).

The event was for Year 8 pupils of German and featured three workshops from Aston students and native speakers from German speaking countries around the world. The countries covered were Belgium, Austria and Germany.

The aim of the event was to show German as a world language and inspire pupils to continue studying German at school and beyond.

We were very fortunate to have Alex Pickering, the Special Projects Advisor from the Goethe Institut in London,who kindly came to talk to the teachers while the students worked in their groups. Alex was also responsible for judging the best poster created by the pupils and the best speakers of German. On this occasion, the winning country was Belgium. Congratulations to them on such a wonderful team effort!

The event was a great success: sixty pupils and eight teachers from local schools turned up on the day.

Many thanks to Jenny Price and Elpiniki Lamproglou for leading the event; to Alex Pickering for his time, wonderful CPD inputand professionalism;to the student ambassadors for running the workshops and of course to all the pupils and teachers who made the effort to come and make this event worthwhile.

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