CLERA Researcher of the Month: Raquel Medina

CLERA has a broad range of researchers and research candidates working in many different areas of language education. Each month, we feature one of our researchers to learn more about them, their work and their interests. Raquel Medina.bmpOur Researcher of the Month for September is Dr Raquel Medina, Head of Spanish. She holds a PhD in Hispanic Studies from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles (US) and joined Aston University as Head of Spanish in 2006, after working for 12 years at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (US). She is the author of Surrealismo en la poesía española de posguerra (Visor, 1997) and co-editor of Sexualidad y escritura (Anthropos, 2002).  She has published on contemporary Spanish poetry, women writers and cultural studies. Her  current research focuses on the representation of Alzheimer’s disease in film, fiction and non-fiction narrative, and poetry, and emphasizes how cultural texts have the power of creating, sustaining, and changing meanings of AD.

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