Qualified MFL Teacher Status in four years at Aston

teacherFrom next academic year, Aston is offering a new undergraduate programme which combines a BSc in Spanish, French or German with Qualified Teacher Status within four years. After graduation, successful graduates will be able to apply immediately for modern languages teaching positions in secondary schools without undertaking a PGCE. Like all other MFL degrees at Aston, the new programme includes a fully integrated period of study abroad with extensive preparation and support offered by Aston’s award-winning placement team.

To find out more about this exciting new option for MFL students, please click here.



Infographic: The World’s Most Educated Countries

How do you measure how ‘educated’ a country is? In 2012, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) used the number of residents who had obtained a high-school diploma and college degree (or equivalent) in 34 countries. The following graph takes a closer look at the top 10, taking into account measures such as % of GDP spent on education, literacy rates and employment rates.

Most Education Countries Infographic

Source: Education News

The Complete Parent’s List of US Education Hashtags on Twitter

The US website onlinecollege.org has put together a list of Twitter hashtags related to a wide range of education issues, from homeschooling to regular education chats, from parenting to bullying and education policy.

Please follow this link to their blog to access the hashtag list.